1. Disability



    • Autism Amaze Information Service

      Provides information about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and referral to other services and...

      Contact: 1300 308 699

      Provided by: Amaze Victoria - Victorian Peak...

    • Autistic Services and SASI Training (SASI)

      Provides services for adults for respite, recreation, day services, children’s respite...

      Contact: 9773 6044

      Provided by: Statewide Autistic Services Inc (SASI)

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Early Days Workshops (Amaze)

      Provides a range of  workshops  for parents and carers of young children who have a...

      Contact: 1300 308 699

      Provided by: Amaze Victoria - Victorian Peak...

    • Therapy Connect - online resource (Amaze)

      Provides an online resource to help  families and carers understand therapy for children...

      Email: info@amaze.org.au

      Provided by: Amaze Victoria - Victorian Peak...

    • Carer & Respite Support

    • Carer and Respite Services (Lifestyle Centred Services)

      Provides specialised disability support which is flexible, personalised, self-directed support...

      Contact: 9483 4755

      Provided by: Lifestyle Centred Services

    • Southern Region Respite Centre (Alfred Health Carer Services)

      Provides a local  point of contact for carers and the community who need information,...

      Contact: 8781 3400

      Provided by: Alfred Health Carer Services

    • Disability

    • Disability Support Line (ACD)

      Provides phone support to parents and carers who require assistance accessing disability services...

      Contact: 9818 2000

      Provided by: Association for Children with a...

    • Disability Support Services (Anglicare)

      Provides disability support services to champion,  assist and support Victorians with...

      Contact: 9781 6700 Frankston/ 5986 9900...

      Provided by: Anglicare Victoria

    • Early Childhood Intervention Service (Yooralla)

      Provides support to children with a disability who require help with transitioning into or during...

      Contact: 9831 5632

      Provided by: Yooralla

    • Family Reconciliation, Mediation and Counselling (MOIRA)

      Provides  families and young people living with a disability with the opportunity to jointly...

      Contact: 9792 1435

      Provided by: MOIRA

    • Kindergartern Inclusion Support Service (KIS) (Yooralla)

      Provides inclusion support to eligible children with disabilities or developmental delay to...

      Contact: 5990 9640

      Provided by: Yooralla

    • MyTime (Playgroup Victoria)

      Provides local support for parents and carers of children with a disability or chronic medical...

      Contact: 1800 171 882

      Provided by: Playgroup Victoria

    • Wheelie Kids (Beyond Disability)

      Provides laptops, internet access and inhome interactive communication self-help programs for...

      Contact: 5978 5000 or 0417 786 087 or 0419...

      Provided by: Beyond Disability

    • Phone & Web

    • Carer Gateway (healthdirect)

      Carer Gateway is a national online and phone service that provides practical information and...

      Contact: 1800 422 737

      Provided by: Healthdirect Australia

    • Mind Carer Helpline

      Provides free, confidential information, advocacy, support and referrals for families,...

      Contact: 1300 550 265

      Provided by: MIND Australia

    • MOIRA - Compass Guide

      Provides an online guide to services and support options for people living with disabilities and...

      Provided by: MOIRA

    • MOIRA - Time for a Break

      Provides an online resource containing r espite and recreation  service information.

      Provided by: MOIRA

    • Respite Finder

      Provides a  user friendly directory of respite resources and recreation options local to the...

      Provided by: Alfred Health Carer Services

    • Through the Maze (ACD)

      Provides an introductory guide to services and support for your child and family (with a...

      Contact: 9818 2000

      Provided by: Association for Children with a...

    • Webinars for parents and carers (Better Start Early Days)

      Provides an online webinar for parents who care for young children with a disability.

      Email: info@abilityfirstaustralia.org.au

      Provided by: Better Start Early Days

    • Youth Support (The Line)

      Provides a website for young people which talks about relationships, gender, sex, bystander...

      Contact: 1800 695 463 (1800 MYLINE)

      Provided by: The Line (Our Watch)