1. Family, Parenting and Relationships


      Direct Support

    • Child FIRST (Bayside Peninsula Child FIRST Family Solutions Partnership)

      Child FIRST will offer information and advice to families and professionals; links for...

      Contact: 1300 721 383

      Provided by: Bayside Peninsula Child FIRST...

    • Services for Families (Family Life)

      Provides a variety of services to  children, youth and families. This includes counselling,...

      Contact: 8599 5433

      Provided by: Family Life

    • Family Support Services (Very Special Kids)

      Provides free family support services to families of children with a life threatening...

      Contact: 5979 1000

      Provided by: Very Special Kids (Hastings Office)

    • Family Support Services and Counselling (Connections UnitingCare)

      Provides a range of services across a continuum of care from early parenting...

      Contact: 5977 0423

      Provided by: Connections UnitingCare

    • Grief and Bereavement Support Line (SIDS KIDS)

      Provides grief and bereavement support services to assist families who have experienced the...

      Contact: 1300 308 307

      Provided by: SIDS and Kids

    • Family, Parenting and Relationships

    • Community Services - Child & Family (Mornington Peninsula Shire MPS)

      Provides a range of Child and Family - Community Services including Early Years Care and...

      Contact: 5950 1000 or 1300 850 600

      Provided by: Mornington Peninsula Shire (MPS)

    • Maternal and Child Health Line (DET)

      Provides a  24 hour, 7 days a week statewide telephone support service available to...

      Contact: 13 22 29

      Provided by: Department of Education and...

    • Child FIRST (Family Life)

      Provides a Child FIRST worker who can support you and your family with information and...

      Contact: 8599 5433 or 1300 721 383

      Provided by: Family Life

    • Community and Neighbourhood Houses (MPS)

      Provides a list of local community and neighbourhood houses - see the Facilities Directory...

      Contact: 1300 850 600

      Provided by: Mornington Peninsula Shire (MPS)

    • Enhanced Maternal & Child Health Services (Mornington Peninsula Shire)

      Provides support, information and advice to parents of children aged 0-6. Offers help with...

      Contact: 5950 1635

      Provided by: Mornington Peninsula Shire (MPS)

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Family Mental Health Support Services (FMC)

      Provides responsive, non-clinical mental health support services that address the risk of...

      Contact: 1300 97 97 68

      Provided by: FMC Mediation and Counselling Victoria

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Family Relationship Centre (Family Life)

      Provides a variety of family and relationship services to all families whether together,...

      Contact: 9784 0650

      Provided by: Family Life

    • Family Support and Early Childhood Intervention Service (Biala Peninsula)

      Provides an early intervention centre for children from birth to eight years with additional...

      Contact: 5975 1820

      Provided by: Biala Peninsula - Early Childhood...

    • Family Support Services (Brotherhood of St Laurence BSL)

      Provides a range of support services to young children, youth and families. Includes programs...

      Contact: 8781 5900

      Provided by: Brotherhood of St Laurence (BSL)

    • Family Violence Assistance (Victoria Police)

      Provides assistance, advice, referral, and representation to women in Victoria who are...

      Contact: 000

      Provided by: Victoria Police (Frankston branch)

    • Learn Engage Connect Young Parents Program (headspace)

      Provides young parents who wish to return to school to obtain their Year 11 or 12 by studying...

      Contact: 9238 8196 or 0427 571 697

      Provided by: headspace Frankston

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Noah's Ark Support Services - Frankston & Peninsula

      Provide information, skills and support to assist families in meeting the needs of their children...

      Contact: 1800 819 140 or 9975 4800

      Provided by: Noah's Ark

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Specialist Children's Services (DEECD)

      Provides parents and families with the knowledge, skills and support to meet the needs of their...

      Contact: 1300 720 151

      Provided by: Department of Education & Early...

    • Material Aid

    • Material Aid (St Vincent de Paul Society)

      Provides material aid support (food, clothing, furniture, etc) to families or young people in...

      Contact: 5976 4974 (Mornington Call Centre)...

      Provided by: St Vincent de Paul Society

      Referral by: Other - We usually require the person needing help to...

    • Material Aid - Crisis and Support Services (Rosebud Salvation Army)

      Provides emergency crisis relief and support to the community.

      Contact: 5986 4206 or 5986 7122

      Provided by: SalvoCare Eastern (The Salvation Army)

    • Clothes 4 U

      Provides free  good quality clothing, accessories and toiletries to women and gi rls...

      Contact: 0490 058 596

      Provided by: Clothes 4 U Inc Rosebud Boutique

    • Material Aid and Emergency Crisis Support (MCIS)

      Provides emergency relief to those people in our community who are in need of short-term...

      Contact: 5975 1644

      Provided by: Mornington Community Information...

    • Material Aid and Emergency Crisis Support (Southern Peninsula Community Support & Information) (SPCSIC)

      Provides emergency relief for residents on a low income who are experiencing financial...

      Contact: 5986 1285

      Provided by: Southern Peninsula Community...

    • Material Aid and Food Support (City Life Inc.)

      Provides food support and material aid at meal times to people on low incomes who may be at risk...

      Contact: 9770 0660

      Provided by: City Life Church

    • Pantry Plus at the Care House (PenCC - Peninsula Christian Care)

      Provides a food assistance to local residents after a short chat on your circumstances. Some food...

      Contact: 5971 4877

      Provided by: Peninsula Christian Care (PenCC)

    • Phone & Web

    • 24 Hour Breastfeeding Helpline (Peninsula ABA)

      Provides family support services and breast pump hire - electric  hospital-grade...

      Contact: 5975 1847 or 1800 686 268

      Provided by: Breastfeeding Association -...

    • Telephone support and online counselling (GriefLine)

      Provides counselling support services free of charge to individuals and families....

      Contact: National (03) 9935 7400 for helpline

      Provided by: Griefline Community and Family...

    • Supported Playgroups, Parenting & Education Programs

    • Community Bubs (Family Life)

      Provides outreach support to families in the community to ensure babies thrive and develop in a...

      Contact: 8599 5433

      Provided by: Family Life

    • Community Playgroups

      Provides an online " Find a Playgroup" directory - simply add your postcode to find a playgroup...

      Contact: 1800 171 882 or call Mornington...

      Provided by: Playgroup Victoria

    • Creating Capable Communities (Family Life)

      Provides community strenghtening programs to help give families and young people an opportunity...

      Contact: 8599 5433

      Provided by: Family Life

    • Good Shepherd Community Services

      Provides a range of activities and services including Neighbourhood House programs, Aboriginal...

      Contact: 5971 9444

      Provided by: Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand

    • MyTime (Playgroup Victoria)

      Provides local support for parents and carers of children with a disability or chronic medical...

      Contact: 1800 171 882

      Provided by: Playgroup Victoria