Art Groups (PenCC)

  1. About this service

    Provides fun filled activities for parents and pre-school children run by a group of volunteers. Activities include: Kids programs and Art Groups. Art groups suit anyone from beginners to the more advanced who can join with others who have a similar interest and can learn how to give your artwork that special extra touch.  Also provides an opportunity to grow friendships and support from other local parents.  

      • Service name

        Art Groups (PenCC)

      • Service address

        Peninsula Community Care House 252 Frankston Flinders Road Frankston VIC 3199
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      • Urgency levels

        Direct Help, Some Help, Just Curious

      • Service hours

        Thursday morning activity run between 9.30am and 11.30am

      • Age group

        Maximum age 12 years

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  2. Art Groups  (PenCC)

    Art Groups  (PenCC)