Family and Carer Support (Mind Connect)

  1. About this service

    Provides a range of counselling and peer support, short term in-home respite, recreation days and events, support groups. Mind's carer and family support services, include:

    • Counselling and peer support - A helpful starting point to better understanding, self-care, mapping supports and getting help. Sessions are delivered by supportive counsellors and carer peer workers and are generally delivered as a brief intervention (one-three sessions). 
    • Short term in-home respite - Having a skilled mental health worker provide additional support to consumers can really assist carers to take time out. Carers can choose how short term support could work for them – whether it is assistance with the everyday, community linkage or social support. 
    • Recreation days and events - We deliver a range of activities and events for carers and for clients that are designed to increase connection, improve social and emotional wellbeing, and provide a break.
    • Support groups - Peer support and sharing of learned wisdom have been recognised by many families and carers as essential in their caring journey. Our varied groups aim to increase carers’ social connections, learning and self-care.

      • Service name

        Family and Carer Support (Mind Connect)

      • Phone

        1300 286 463 (intake)

      • Urgency levels

        Direct Help, Some Help

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  2. Family and Carer Support (Mind Connect)