Material Aid and Food Support (City Life Inc.)

About this service

Provides food support and material aid at meal times to people on low incomes who may be at risk of becoming homeless or require basic material support, support includes meals 4 times a week in 2 locations and fortnightly food parcels.  Also in attendance RDNS Homeless persons nurse, HARP nurse, Support Worker.  Other services available:  shower (when open for meals), washing machine van (weekly), dental care (by appointment only) through HARP nurse, optometry(by appointment only) through RDNS nurse.

    • Service name

      Material Aid and Food Support (City Life Inc.)

    • Service address

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    • Phone

      9770 0660

    • Urgency levels

      Urgent Help, Direct Help, Some Help

    • Service area

      Frankston, Mornington Peninsula

    • Service hours

      Contact service directly for meal times

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