Services for Families (Family Life)

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    Provides a variety of services to children, youth and families. This includes counselling, mediation, mental health, community development and personal support community educational services, outreach to homes, case coordination, innovative community businesses and advocacy. Services may involve case management support to help develop goals and promote wellbeing. Practitioners can visit at home, schools or in community settings and can work with other professionals to provide holistic support for families.

    The purpose is to strengthen family and community relationships and promote the best interests of the child or young person. There are also specialist early intervention services for infants, vulnerable children and families. This can help support a child or infant who have a parent with a mental illness or children showing early signs of mental illness. Services may also include resilience programs for children in schools and in the community or home-based intensive support for families.

    • A Child FIRST worker is available at Family Life.
    • A Youth Adolescent Violence worker is available Family Life.
    • Family Relationship Centre - post separation and divorce - call 9784 0650
    • Community Bubs (parenting support programs)
    • Groups and Programs

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        Services for Families (Family Life)

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        8599 5433

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        Direct Help, Some Help, Just Curious

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  2. Services for Families (Family Life)