Dads Helpline (Dads in Distress)

  1. About this service

    Provides support over the phone for dads who are feeling stressed or anxious about issues around seperation. Calls are taken by experienced DIDSS volunteers from around Australia - it is more than likely you will speak to a male who has personally experienced separation and who can help you navigate through your complex emotions and make better choices to get to a better place. If you prefer to talk with a professional counsellor over the phone, you can call Mensline on 1300 789 978.

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        Dads Helpline (Dads in Distress)

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        1300 853 437

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        Some Help, Just Curious, Urgent Help, Direct Help

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        Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm

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  2. Dads Helpline (Dads in Distress)