How to Search

Benefits of searching:

By utilising this online resource, Mornington Peninsula Shire can track what the local community is looking for based on search results and site usage. Some examples are: 

  • how many users search disability services for a child audience?
  • how many parents /or carers are searching for family violence or family support type services?
  • how many young people are looking for some support with their mental health and wellbeing?
  • how many youth are looking for direct support with alcohol and other drug issues?
  • how many young people are just wondering about where they can go to hang out in the local area?

Learn how best to utilise this online resource by watching the Youtube video below.

Watch this youtube video!

Tips for Service Providers and the community: 

You can:

  • add to the "Latest News" tab by contacting the School Focused Youth Service Coordinator
  • introduce new starters and existing staff to the website to help them learn more about the local service system and what's available;
  • show the website to young people or anyone searching for help and support for a variety of reasons;
  • show young people and/ parents and carers how to use the website;
  • add new services and local network meetings via the online form; or 
  • send in useful links/ websites for service providers who work with young people...
  • email us suggestions or feedback on how the site can be improved.

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